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We have several annual Ceremonies throughout the year. All Haus of Hoodoo Events take place in the parking lot of our Botanica. Entry is on Saint Charles Avenue, through the alley gate to the right of the building. Look for the sign with the Event poster.

Our Events are always open to the public, regardless of ancestry or respective Spiritual practices. There is no age limit - children are also welcomed to attend.

Anyone may attend a Ceremony without a petition and cash offering to enjoy the experience of being in the presence of Spirit and community, so long as they still follow dress code and behave in a respectful manner.

There are no reserved guest lists or online event links for any Haus of Hoodoo Events. You are free to come and go as you please. Simply show up, in dress code.

Each Haus of Hoodoo Ceremony has its own designated colors, depending on the Spirits the Ceremony is for. Modest dress is always required for our Ceremonies. No shorts, no mini dresses/skirts, no open backs, no exposed chest or midriff, nothing sleeveless, no heels, no excessive makeup. Women must wrap their heads. No costumes are allowed (Mardi Gras, Carnaval, Halloween, etc.)

Following dress code directions is a sign of respect. The party is for Spirits and you are the guest.

We are on Spirit's time. We say the Ceremony begins at certain time but Spiritual things start when they start and end when they end. There is no designated end time.

To participate in our Ceremonies, bring a handwritten petition and a cash offering. Please do not bring additional offerings unless Manbo Jessyka has encouraged this specifically in her Instagram announcement for the respective Ceremony.

All petitions must be handwritten. Not typed and printed, not photocopied, not emailed - no exceptions. Unless otherwise stated in the Instagram announcement, address your petition to Manbo Jessyka. Introduce yourself, and ask for all you need/want. "I am petitioning the Spirits for..." Be intentional, clear, and to the point. Be fully conscious and certain of what it is you're asking for. And be ready to receive.
At the end of your petition, write your full birth name and sign it. Signing means you are fully aware and responsible for what it is you're asking for.

Your cash offering must accompany your petition. With this cash, you're paying Spirits to grant you what you've petitioned them for, it's how you pay them for the work they'll be doing for you. What you're asking for and the amount of cash you choose to offer is between you and the Spirits. Manbo Jessyka's advice - no less than $100. You know you aren't aren't asking for anything light, or you'd be taking care of it yourself and not petitioning a Spirit for it.

Of course! We welcome you to mail your handwritten petition and cash offering directly to the Botanica. If you would like to confirm delivery, we strongly advise you to select a shipping service that provides you with tracking information. You may also drop them off at the Botanica in-person. All envelopes must be received no later than the day prior to a Ceremony.

If mailing your handwritten petition, you may send a digital monetary offering in lieu of physical cash. In this case, be sure to include your payment account information at the bottom of your petition so that your funds can be allocated to you. Title your digital payment for the respective Ceremony - check with a Team Member, or see Manbo Jessyka's Instagram announcement for details.
No checks, no money orders, no cashiers checks - they will not be deposited.

If prompted within your preferred payment app, always select Friends & Family/Someone I trust, not Goods & Services.

CashApp: $JessykaWinston

Venmo: @Jessyka-Winston
PayPal: @ManboJessyka

If you’d like, you may light a plain white candle at the time of the Ceremony to participate from afar, but this is not necessary. Nor is wearing Ceremony attire if you are not attending in-person.

Haus of Hoodoo Events are not live-streamed.

Oftentimes we do offer a Spiritual Bath for Ceremony attendees, but not at every Ceremony. These Baths are only available for in-person guests on the day of the Ceremony and are not offered for purchase in the Botanica or on our Online Shop. For the price of a Ceremony Bath, please call the Botanica to speak with a Team Member directly.

Recordings during Haus of Hoodoo Ceremonies are prohibited, and we request that all phones, cameras, and other technology are kept put away.

Yes, housemade traditional Haitian tonics will be offered (cash only). Complimentary coffee and water bottles are always provided. Occasionally there are other vendors.

Yes, our Botanica is open for normal business hours - Wednesday through Sunday, from 10am - 7pm CST.