Welcome To Haus of Hoodoo

Haus of Hoodoo was created and inspired by my spiritual journey, my roots and my deep desire to share old and new wisdom with all who seek.

A little introduction about me, my name is Jessyka Winston, I am a Rootworker/Hoodoo Practicioner, and Vodoun Priestess.

I was born in the Caribbean to a family of religious folks who are good Catholics by day and Occultists and Witches by night. This is a very common thing in the Caribbean. Back in the days Vodou and Santeria folks had to hide their practices and beliefs because they were deemed rebellious, disruptive and dangerous. These good folks had no choice but to worship their Lwas and Orishas through the images of Catholic Saints. Not much has changed from those old times of spiritual and cultural oppression. I am grateful to be part of this movement to bring awareness, to remove ignorance and fear, to educate folks on what I like to call “backwoods spirituality”.

Though I was exposed to these “alternative” religions and “backwoods practices” since infancy, it wasn’t until the age of 12 when I started practicing Witchcraft and other European traditions. I even bought my first deck of Tarot cards with my weekly allowance. I’ve been reading tarot cards for myself and friends since age 11.  Divination was and has always been my big love. But much like everything else, we all go through phases and cycles. By the time I was out of High School I was as lost and directionless as one could be. After a series of unfortunate events during my High School years that shook my core and shattered my faith, I turned my back on spirituality and all things magic. Luckily for me, Spirit never stopped believing in me and though I spent a few years calling myself an "atheist", I still held on to my collection of Tarot cards and from time to time I’d hear them calling on me. And so I’d pick them up and consult them. At 24, I was an overworked, ambitious young woman plagued with anxiety and stress. I had plans, I had goals and needed to get there yesterday. Almost by pure miracle, at the peak of my distressed state, I was introduced to a Transcendental Meditation practice that changed my life. Through my meditation practice I came to the most intense experiences of my life, enlightenment, my spiritual awakening.

The experience was the complete opposite of gentle and gradual. I went from seeing only black and white, to seeing colors that don’t even exist on the color spectrum we know. Like they say, once you’ve awakened, there’s no going back. I took the red pill and dove right into the deep, mysterious waters of Spirit.