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      Spiritual Development and Ancestor Veneration

      “Building your Spiritual Self is like building a house. You gotta work from the foundation up. You being the foundation and everything else is held up by your traditions and culture. This is the house where you and your Spirits will live.

      Never let your connection to Spirit go cold.

      Everything, absolutely everything begins with honoring your ancestors. They are your keepers. The ones who walk this life with you. From beginning to end. They are the gatekeepers. They hold the key to your purpose and blessings.

      If your altar is not active, your voice will not be heard. An altar is like an airport where Spirits take off and land.

      Spirituality is our capacity to communicate with the Spiritual Realm.

      Our ancestors will use any vehicle and any medium to communicate with us. Our job is to be alert and listen."

      -Manbo Jessyka