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What is Wanga?

English speaking folks call this "Spell Work". Spanish speaking folks call this "Brujería". In the south they call it "Rootwork". In Haitian Kreyól we say "Wanga" (Ouanga).
For this service, a Spiritual Consultation is not required. If you'd like a Spiritual Consultation, you must call our Botanica to schedule an appointment. Spiritual Consultations are done in person only. 
Wanga is the only long distance service we offer, meaning you don't have to come see us in person.


Though with Wanga anything is possible, there's work we just won't do. We have a very tight Spiritual and personal code of ethics. We don't do work to cause harm, pain, or suffering to a person. We can do work to keep you away from harm and protect you and yours. But we will NOT harm a person for you. We DO NOT break up relationships/marriages. We also don't protect criminals from the law nor get criminals out of prison. 
Anything is possible with Wanga. ANYTHING. We choose to utilize this power to bless and protect. Wanga can be used for family, marriage, relationships, fertility, health, money, prosperity, wealth, fame, career, to create opportunities, business, buy property, immigration issues, court cases, protection, etc.

For those interested in this type of work, follow these simple instructions:

Send an email to Manbo Jessyka and the Houngan at WANGA@HAUSOFHOODOO.COM.
All communication for this work is to be done via email. Make sure to address the email to Manbo and Houngan. Let us know your situation in full detail. The more detailed the better. 
We ask for full disclosure and transparency. Don't try to deceive us. It will show up along the way and it'll be a waste of money for you and a waste of time for us. Best to come up front from the start. 
Price for Wanga is on a case by case basis. Via email we'll disclose everything that we require from you to make this work possible. A price will be quoted then, along with instructions and further information.
Manbo and Houngan