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We do recommend that you cleanse your space prior to performing your rituals. You may do so with any of our Spiritual Waters, and by smoke cleansing with any of our Bundles and Resins

Do not combine Haus of Hoodoo products with those of other practitioners. For example, our Oils and our Kreyól Powders cannot be added to someone else’s prepared candle that you have purchased elsewhere. You cannot pair our Ritual Baths with someone else's prepared candle. You cannot follow a Haus of Hoodoo Uncrossing Fixed Candle with someone else's Protection candle, etc.

However, if you’d like to use our Oils and our Kreyól Powders to prepare your own plain candle or bath, this is fine - but you will then be creating your own ritual by using our products as ingredients. In this case our Fixed Candle and our Ritual Bath instructions do not apply, as these are not rituals prepared by Manbo Jessyka.

• After completing a Fixed Candle Ritual, you are to wait at least 7 days before starting another ritual. Waiting at least 21 days is ideal.
• When working with our liquid Ritual Bath, you have 21 days upon receiving the Ritual Bath to perform the ritual in order to preserve its freshness and potency.  If you are intending to work with multiple liquid Ritual Baths, it is important to note that you have to wait a minimum of 7 days in between Ritual Baths.
• If you are working with our previous dry herbs Ritual Bath, which has been discontinued, you must wait at least 21 days. No exceptions.
• You cannot combine Ritual Baths together. If you happen to still have the discontinued form of our dry Ritual Baths, we encourage you to work with them as soon as possible.
• Condition Oils can be worn daily, and we encourage you to do so.

• Kreyól Powders can be used as needed.
• Kongo Bags are to be carried on you at all times.

We encourage you to wait until after your menstrual cycle has finished to perform any rituals, such as our Fixed Candles and our Ritual Baths. This is a time of rest for your body, and it is best to wait until your energy is back up to do any major Spiritual work. Continuing to work with our Condition Oils and carrying our Kongo Bags is okay.

Manbo Jessyka generally does not advise performing any Spiritual work while you are pregnant. If you'd like to work with our Fixed Candles, you may work with Health & Healing or Protection, and the same goes for our Condition Oils - but nothing else.

Working with removal products, such as Uncrossing, Reversible, Unblocking, or Release Me, or defensive products such as War On My Enemies, Hot Foot, or Shut Up, should absolutely be avoided during pregnancy. This is a time for you to focus on growing and protecting a healthy baby, which Manbo Jessyka encourages you to keep as your only priority.

Manbo Jessyka does not advise performing any Spiritual work on children, or on their behalf. The only thing to focus on with your children is Protection, and perhaps health.

Your children may wear our Blessed “Protection” Bracelets, and you may anoint them with our Protection Condition Oil, our Against Evil Eye Condition Oil, or our Health & Healing Condition Oil - but nothing else.

When it comes to Fixed Candles, you may include your children in your prayers when working with Protection, Health & Healing, or Filomena Lubana, and that is all.

As far as our Student Fixed Candle and our Student Condition Oil, you may work this ritual on your child’s behalf or anoint them with the Oil if they are a teenager or older.

Absolutely no Uncrossing work, and no Ritual Baths.

The astrological weather is not mentioned on Manbo Jessyka's Ritual instructions as these events do not affect our products in any way. That said, if you incorporate the astrological weather into your personal practice, then it is entirely up to your discretion when it comes to doing any work during events such as a specific moon phase, a planetary retrograde, or an eclipse.

Fixed Candle Rituals

You will need to start your ritual over at day one, with the same Fixed Candle. Be sure to follow the instructions exactly as they are written.

No. Letting your Fixed Candle burn on its own on after your prayers on the 7th day is part of completing the ritual. If you cannot complete the ritual as it is given, then we suggest that you work with a different product.

Unless otherwise advised by Manbo Jessyka or our Haus of Hoodoo Team, you are to work with one Fixed Candle Ritual at a time to ensure that you are fully focusing your prayers and intentions in one direction. Allow yourself to complete one ritual in its entirety, and wait at least 7 days before moving onto another.

Prayer is deeply personal - we don’t advise on specific phrasings, incantations, or psalms. Speak your intentions - what you need and what you want.

If you'd like to write your prayers down to recite aloud each day of your ritual, you may do so, but it is not necessary.

No. You are to pray and meditate in silence during your ritual. Spend time with yourself and focus on what the purpose of your ritual is without any outside distractions.

Yes. Visit the respective product page for our additional instructions regarding a small altar set up for working with these Fixed Candles, and follow these as well.

You are not setting up a permanent altar, nor are you meant to continue veneration for these Spirits. These Fixed Candle Rituals are intended to assist you with the situations you include in your prayers, and that is all.

Condition Oils

You may layer our Condition Oils and wear multiple Oils at once.
When anointing yourself with multiple Condition Oils individually, be sure to state your prayers and intentions for each while doing so - take a moment between using each Condition Oil, and affirm your intentions for each.
Be mindful of the order in which you are anointing yourself - for example, Uncrossing is to come before Protection, etc.

If the Oils are being blended together, make sure that they are being used for the same purpose - and being anointed in the same direction.

Always affirm your prayers and intentions while anointing yourself.

Do not anoint yourself with our Condition Oils for War On My Enemies or Shut Up. These Oils are intended for contact work, or to be used as an ingredient.

Our Mandragora "Mandrake" Root Oil should not be worn on the body, as Mandrake Root is poisonous.

Ritual Baths

Be sure to read through both sets of instructions before starting your ritual. Day one of your Fixed Candle Ritual is the day you light it with your Ritual Bath.

Our Ritual Baths are not soaking baths, they are an active ritual where you will scrub the blessed herbs onto your body.


Herbs can be worked with in a variety of different ways - you may use them to fix your own candles, prepare your own spiritual bath, burn them as incense, include them in teas, create tinctures or other herbal remedies, etc.

Our herbs that are ingestible are food grade. We encourage you to do your own research when it comes to which herbs are safe to consume, and how. Keep in mind that herbalism is not a one size fits all solution. It may be worthwhile to partner with a holistic healthcare professional or a qualified herbalist to determine which herbs would best suit your body and your personal needs. At this time, we are not able to provide clinical herbal consultations.

Our full Apothecary featured in our Botánica is also listed online. We have included both their common name and their folk name. If you can’t find the herb you’re looking for, we suggest seeing if it goes by another name.