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Our family extends a warm invitation to all.

Join us as we celebrate Haus of Hoodoo's 5th anniversary on Thursday, June 20th 2024 at 5pm CST with an evening of ceremony, traditional Haitian cuisine and drinks, and lively New Orleans entertainment.

At the heart of our gathering is a ceremony honoring Ogou, the revered Haitian Vodou Lwa of warfare and protection. Ogou, wielding his shield and machete, stands as a guardian, shielding us from harm, injustice, and adversaries. Additionally, we'll unite in a collective ritual aimed at summoning courage, fortitude, and empowerment.

Attire Guidelines for the Ceremony:

Please wear attire featuring both red and white colors. Both colors must be represented.

Avoid short dresses, skirts, or shorts, as well as any clothing exposing the chest, back, or midriff. Despite the warm and humid weather, you can find attire suitable for both the climate and the solemnity of the ceremony.

How to Participate:

If possible, we highly encourage attending in person. The experience is truly unparalleled. Engaging in ceremony and collective rituals together creates a unique atmosphere that can't be reciprocated.

If attending in person, you may bring a handwritten petition addressed to Haus of Hoodoo, and a cash offering to accompany it.

After the spiritual aspect concludes, we indulge in delicious food, refreshing drinks, and lively entertainment, all in good company.


For more information,

including how to participate from afar,
please see our VODOU CEREMONIES page for all details.