Instructions + Q&A

Fixed Candle Instructions:

Please follow the instructions provided to get the best out of your Fixed Candle work.

Choose a safe place to burn your Fixed Candle; altar, work desk, etc. Where you choose to place your candle is up to you. The candles burn for approximately 4-5 days. Fixed Candles work stronger if you don’t interrupt them while they burn. If you don’t feel comfortable letting the candle burn without interruption for the 4-5 days it takes for it to finish, then snuff out the flame. Do NOT blow the flame. Blowing the flame blows the intention and the Spirit of the candle away. If you have to snuff the flame, when you’re able to relight it, pray to your candle with strong intention. Tell it what you need it to do for you. Focus on what you wish to manifest and speak it into existence as if you already have it.

Treat your Fixed Candle like a Spirit in a Jar, a Genie in a Bottle. Build a connection and relationship with it. Talk to it, pray to it daily and as often as possible. One of the most important methods for manifesting anything is to speak about it in present tense. Talk about it as if you already have it and are currently living that life you’re wishing for.

Always place your candles in a bowl of clean water. One bowl per candle. The water serves as an offering and to keep the candle safe. Once the candle is done burning, dispose of the glass by placing it in a trash bag and disposing of it in a trash bin that isn’t inside of your home. Express gratitude to the Spirits in the candle who assisted you. Dispose of the water by tossing it outside or down the toilet. If the water evaporates, refill it.

It is always advised that before doing any Spiritual work whether it be Fixed Candles or any other ritual, you begin by cleansing your space by burning Sage, Palo Santo, or any Resin of your liking. Before cleansing your space, I highly advise taking a shower or Spiritual bath if you know how to prepare one. If not, a regular shower will do.

Do your best to protect your work and protect your magic. Don’t expose your workings to a lot of people. Other people’s energies can interfere, especially if these people don’t wish you well and energies oppose/challenge yours. Protect your work, protect your magic.

Correspondent Days of The Week:

  • Health, Self Love, Happiness, Peace, Creativity are to be lit on Sunday or Monday daytime.
  • Block Buster, Road Opener, High John The Conqueror, Domination Candles are to be lit on Tuesday daytime.
  • Student, Communication, Spirit Communication, Mind Control, Good Luck, Santa Marta La Dominadora Candles are to be lit on Wednesday daytime.
  • Abundance, Success, Prosperity, Better Business, Job, Steady Work Candles are to be lit on Thursday daytime.
  • Money Drawing, Love Drawing, Love Spell, Come Back To Me, Love Me, Lover Candles are to be lit on Friday daytime.
  • Protection, Uncrossing, Unhexing, Reversal, Shut Up, Cleanse and Clear, Cord Cutting, are to be lit on Saturday night.